Camp is over?

Towards the end of camp I was eager to return home. I missed most of the last summer I’ll ever have with my high school friends before everything changes when we go to college. I missed the fourth of July with all my best friends. I missed a lot. Though most of the summer it was hard to imagine this and it seemed like home was all I could look forward to, looking back, I made a lot of friends and had some great experiences that I won’t forget. When I talk to people here about what it was like there, it’s all the funny stuff that happened. All the goofy inside jokes. Schryver imitating Craig when he says, “Disco bowling!” William Chen’s banana obsession. Even the time I dropped my phone in the toilet. Ok, maybe not that part, but still, you get the idea. What I guess I’m trying to say is, despite how hard the summer was a lot of the time, I guess I had a better time than I thought I did. Hmm…


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