First weeks of college

Welcome week was above all else, an adventure. From the nerves of my parents embarrassing me on move in day to finding friends to hang out with in the dining hall, the whole thing was action packed. I got lucky and got a sick roommate who’s very chill but likes to have a good time. Oh, and he keeps his stuff way neater than I do! During welcome week, the first night we went to ZBT/OZ. It was during a lightning storm, torrential rain, and one of the best nights of my life. I don’t know many of the guys there and I hear they can be douches sometimes, but damn can they throw good parties! Got pretty mixed up that night but I met a lot of people, some of whom I’m still close with. The heat was neutralized by the rain as we were all soaked in the glory that was not caring about anything other than our happiness.

The next day was OZ fest for the I’m Shmacked Video. It was fine. I pre-gamed with people I thought were a lot nicer and more down to earth than they actually were. Since then, we haven’t spoken a whole lot. The party itself was iffy. It was cool trying to get in the video, and I think I might have, but honestly, I had a better time when I met up with a couple friends later that night. The next few days were a blur. Claire and I had begun hanging out a little bit which honestly is very reassuring here considering how much of a zoo it feels like every now and then. I remember going to Psi U (Alpha Sig). Claire and a few of our friends and I decided to hit Psi U. My friend Mike from hockey years ago is in the fraternity and told me to come and bring friends. At the door they weren’t letting anyone in, but I threw his name in and told the guys that I was his goalie for two years. This seemed to change things, and when they immediately let us in, I felt like a VIP. The party itself was insane. Not enough to drink there, but they had liquid nitrogen tanks, a light show, a great DJ, and just a great time.

The CMU game followed. The half time show along with the pre-games and walking into the big house itself blew my mind more than the football did. It’s more of a spectacle and an event than anything I’ve ever seen before. It was great to be in the crowd and feel like a part of something so much bigger than myself.

SplashBash was the next night. Woah was that a good one. Basically dayglow but in A^2 put on by the brothers of AEPi. It was a great time and I’m psyched that I went. Also, I got with a cutie there for a loooong time. And it was that night that I realized that Perri would become one of my closest friends. She had a rough night, but it’ll all work out.


More to come!!!


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