forgot to update this for a while

It’s been since welcome week… lot to catch y’all up on. Didnt get the frat i wanted this semester. it was the only one i rushed (mistake) but at the same time now that I see how hard it is to do well here, i think it might not be so bad. maybe it’s a good thing that imma probs rush next semester. in non-greek news, getting A’s here is impossible and I don’t know how anyone does it. french is kicking me in the ass. i need to pick it up in there. other than that, EECS 183 is really rewarding. its also impossible and idk how to code C++ and idk if i ever will. gotta get on that cuz i ahve a project due soon. Calc is hard but I’m surviving. Other than that, fun encounters with girls the past 6 weeks. Got my eye on one but im trying not to get too focused. im in the first like 5% of my college experience still. as much as i like her, i cant get locked in. she has a guy back home. i think she wants them to be over though. she didnt seem too crazy about him during welcome week, and now i think she just feels bad about ending it and she’s used to it so she doesnt wanna break the habit and stuff. we’re going to a date party together but just as friends, but she told me that while she was home she bought a new dress for the party… I’m not a girl, but would u buy a new dress to take a friend to a party if u weren’t even just a little interested? I hope its a good sign but we’ll see. Truth is, she’s really great and I’d like to give it a shot and see where it goes. I’ve never had a “girlfriend” before. at least, not since middle school. I’ve always really liked the idea though. being able to take someone out to dinner, walk them home, go to fun places together, snuggle on couches, PDA, basically, to not have to be drunk at a party to go at it. it would be great to just have a picnic on a sunday, wudnt it? that would be so cool. yeah the constant sex would be an obvious plus but im really looking forward to doing the stuff u see in chick flicks. i wanna be the guy who makes her blush, smile, laugh, hopefully not cry, and hopefully she’ll do the same for me. that’s all we really want isnt it? to be close to someone? Now im just ranting about relationships. Well, welcome to the new age. this is where my mindset is now. i still love getting hammered and meeting girls but like, it would be cool to try something more.


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