Stand up?

I’m kinda funny. Not that guy who is just full of jokes or the funniest guy at the party, but kinda funny. every once in a while i say something absolutely hysterical. last night was one of those nights about the barf bags on airplanes. Imma start writing it all down. maybe in 2 years ill have 5 minutes of material to throw together. getting up on stage would be weird. idk how id do with stage freight. ive gottne better about it though. maybe it could be fun. I want to have excellent material prepared. i hate the feeling of being about to get a test back where you think you didnt do well. It’s like, u can tell yrself it’ll all be fine etc and stuff and oh that wont be on there but in the end you either got the points or u didnt, nothing u say or tell urself is gonna change the number on the page. Thats not what i want to have happen on stage. that would feel terrible.


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